About the UK Business Mission

ASINCAR is coordinating a transnational Business Mission in London in May as part of the Export Food Sudoe project. But why is the Gourmet food sector so interesting nowadays in the UK? And why is this the perfect timing to enter its market?
  1. Gourmet food market is set to grow by 30% in the next five years. In fact, delis, fine food stores, health shops, farm shops, farmers’ markets and retailers such as Whole Food and Planet Organic have experienced a sales increase of 9.7%
  2. Consumption of these products has become widespread due mainly to: i) The boom of the distributors offering gourmet products at a more affordable price than before; ii) Greater presence of these kinds of product in chain stores, located next to standard products
  3. The higher interest of British consumers for taking care of their diet and using natural, healthy and high quality ingredients, in addition to becoming more and more aware of the product quality features as well as how it is produced (sustainably, ethically, …)
For the 3 reasons mentioned above, right now seems like the right time to enter the UK market and take a strong position as a supplier, before the implementation of the Brexit agreement.
This mission will allow companies to exploit the many opportunities offered by the British market and for this we will develop 3 main activities:
  • Tailored B2B meetings with UK professionals
  • Showcooking and Networking event in a recognized Central London restaurant, with the participation of dozens of UK Food Professionals
  • Visit of relevant establishments and shops

For further information:
Roberto Morán Ramallal
R&D&I Project Manager

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