Great success of the 3rd business meeting of the project and new collaborative actions initiated!


Some 30 companies from France, Spain and Portugal participated in the third entrepreneurial meeting of the Export Food Sudoe project, organized by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Gers and Limoges.

The companies and partners having participated in this business meeting were able to continue the operations started at previous meetings and thus work on sharing knowledge and possible export collaborations. However, the main objective of the meeting was focuses on the last stage of the “Export Food Sudoe” program, which is the realization of trade missions in Europe. Expert consultants from Ireland, Benelux, the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries were also present at the event to present the target markets and the possibilities offered for the companies. Participants had the opportunity to ask their questions, to organize individual and collective meetings in relation to their needs and expectations with the consultants, as well as to demonstrate their interest to the partners on the opportunities of export missions.

The next stage of the project is to organize the collective missions for export in the 4 European zones: United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium / Netherlands, Sweden/ Denmark from May 2018. The project partners – CCI of Seville, Limoges, Gers, Technological Center of Asturias ASINCAR – would like to thank the companies that took part in the meeting in Bordeaux and made this event a success.

The 2nd Entrepreneurial Meeting of the Export Food Sudoe project was hold successfully!

The 2nd business meeting of the Export Food Sudoe project was successfully organized on 27-28 September in Seville-Spain. 23 companies from France, Spain and Portugal attended the meeting and participated in seminars, thematic workshops and B2B meetings.

The whole event was an excellent opportunity for companies to discuss their activities, needs and expectations and to work on collaborations in the near future: joint export projects, targeting of countries / third-party markets, definition of a common strategy for export, development of a common offer, participation in prospecting missions, etc.

This entrepreneurial meeting also offered companies the opportunity to pursue their collaborative efforts initiated at the 1st meeting in Lisbon in June 2017. Several companies were able to exchange ideas on business contacts, new product development, procurement, promotion their products, etc.


A showroom also allowed companies to show and describe their respective products.

The seminars and workshops allowed the 23 companies to learn about 3 target markets (UK, Germany, Benelux) and prepare to take concrete actions in a collaborative way towards the targeted  countries.

Following this meeting, the partners of the project will analyze the return of companies as well as the many avenues of mutualization so that they will materialize and lead to fruitful cooperation.

The project partners would like to thank all the companies that participated in the meeting in Seville and we are excited to begin the organization of the next entrepreneurial meeting to be held in Toulouse in early 2018.

The 1st entrepreneurial meeting of Export Food Sudoe took place with success!

The 1st business meeting of the Export Food Sudoe project was organized successfully on the 5th of June in Lisbon-Portugal, in the premises of the Alimentaria International Fair. Over 40 companies from France, Spain and Portugal attended the meeting and over 100 individual appointments were organized. The whole event was an excellent opportunity for companies to get to know each other, to exchange about their activities, needs and expectations and and to start thinking about possible collaborations in the near future: purchases, development of new products, joint participation in international fairs and market research missions… The companies had also the opportunity to show and describe their products in a dedicated showroom.
The project partners will now analyze the feedback of the companies after the business meeting so that fruitful cooperations between companies arise successfully!


J-5 pour la 1ère rencontre entrepreneuriale d’Export Food Sudoe au salon Alimentaria – Lisbonne – Portugal!

Seulement 5 jours restent avant la 1ère rencontre entrepreneuriale entre les entreprises françaises, espagnoles et portugaises participant au projet Export Food Sudoe! Les partenaires travaillent intensivement pour finaliser le programme de l’événement et les réunions BtoB, avec plus de 100 rendez-vous programmés jusqu’à maintenant!

Cette rencontre entrepreneuriale d’Export Food Sudoe aura lieu le 5 juin 2017 à Lisbonne, au Portugal, dans les locaux de la Foire internationale d’Alimentaria. Ce sera la première opportunité pour plus de 40 entreprises françaises, espagnoles et portugaises de rencontrer et d’entamer de nouvelles collaborations et projets! Le 5 juin sera consacré aux présentations des entreprises, aux réunions BtoB et à l’exposition de leurs produits. Parallèlement, les entreprises auront l’opportunité de visiter la foire internationale Alimentaria & Horexpo.

J-5 for the 1st entrepreneurial meeting of Export Food Sudoe within Alimentaria Fair – Lisbon – Portugal!

Only 5 days are left before the 1st entrepreneurial meeting between French, Spanish and Portuguese companies participating in the Export Food Sudoe project! Partners are working hard to finalize the programme of the event and BtoB meetings, with over 100 appointments programmed so far!

The 1st entrepreneurial meeting of Export Food Sudoe will take place on the 5th of June 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal in the premises of Alimentaria International Fair. This will be the 1st opportunity for over 40 companies from France, Spain and Portugal to meet and start new collaborations and projects! The 5th of June will be dedicated to the presentations of the companies, BtoB meetings and show of their products. In parallel, the companies will have the opportunity to visit the international fair Alimentaria & Horexpo.

Doing business in Spain and Portugal for agrofood companies – 23/03/2017 – Limoges (France)

The Spanish and Portuguese markets for the French agrofood companies: Presentations, audits and individual interviews – 23 March 2017 – Limoges (Ester Tecnopole)

– An appointment of experts from the Spanish and Portuguese markets, during which various topics will be discussed: the main business lines, food distribution channels, market segmentation, marketing, means of access to distribution, negotiation and Business with Spaniards and Portuguese, collaborative export, export consortiums …
– Individual interviews with experts and operators specialized in the agri-food distribution
Speakers: Mr. Santiago Diaz, Sectoral Agriculture and Agri-Food Business Expert in Madrid for the Iberian market, accompanied by 3 distribution specialists in Spain and Portugal and company witnesses.

Information and registration: International service of the CCI of Limoges, 0033 5 55 45 16 26,

Seminar “Andalucía – Francia: Creciendo Juntos” 02/03/2017 – Seville (Spain) – Cámara de Comercio Sevilla

The  Chamber of Commerce of Seville is organising the seminar “Andalucía – Francia: Creciendo Juntos”  on March, 2nd, 2017 (10.30 am – 1.30 pm). This seminar is organised as part of the training activities of the project Export Food SUDOE with the support of the Embassy of France, the French-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Regional Goverment of Andalusia.
During the seminar the participants will learn how to make business in France, the opportunities for Andalusian companies, the best way to land in this market, financial suport for export activities, and a couple of local companies will share their business experience in the French market.
The seminar is organised for the companies participating in Export Food SUDOE and open to any other company interested in the French market. More information can be found in the programme of the seminar. For registrations, please contact



Le projet Export Food Sudoe

Le projet Export Food Sudoe vise à favoriser le partenariat entre entreprises agroalimentaires du territoire du sud-ouest européen en vue d’initier et de développer des démarches d’accès aux marchés internationaux. Le programme est ouvert aux entreprises des territoires portugais, espagnol et du Sud-Ouest de la France.