Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Seville

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville is a non-profit Public Corporation established by Law as an advisory body to collaborate with Public Authorities, to which it represents the general interest of the companies in the region.

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville focuses on promoting internationalization, business creation, innovation, business promotion and entrepreneurship through several services and activities.

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville has a wide training program with different courses addressed to entrepreneurs, professionals, employees and unemployed, managed by our own Business School, Vocational Training Center and the University Center (EUSA,

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville is associated to different levels with international, national and local entities (Eurochambres, Global Chambers Platform, ASCAME, Chamber of Commerce of Spain, Andalusian Council of Chambers, etc.) and projects, having an important network of partners in Europe and the world.

There are many activities that the Chamber of Commerce of Seville is implementing to contribute to the economic development in the province of Seville:

  • Entrepreneurship promotion
  • SMEs Internationalisation
  • International cooperation: economic development projects, internationalisation, entrepreneurial spirit, training, new technologies, transport and logistics, energy and environment, policy development and effectuation, mobility programs, etc
  • Business assessment
  • Innovation and technology
  • Education and training
  • Business representation
  • Cooperation in the development of new regional and European policies and programs.

More information about the Chamber is available on its website (

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Limoges and Haute Vienne

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Limoges and Haute-Vienne is strongly involved in international development of businesses and corporations.

The International Department of the Chamber deploys technical skills to support companies’ international development. For more than 25 years, it has been developing activities and services to assist members to break into international markets. It covers a wide range of services to members including information, consulting, market advice and assistance.

Throughout the year, the International Department enables companies to take part in international trade events:

  • International trade fairs;
  • Company trade missions;
  • Buyers-sellers meetings and brokerage events.

It has mainly proven experience in the implementation and management of joint commercial spots based in foreign markets.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Limoges and Haute-Vienne has developed a strong knowledge and experience in the setting up of international consortiums based on the opening of joint trade offices abroad.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Limoges and Haute-Vienne has mainly initiated and developed commercial consortiums in different countries:

  • In the United Arab Emirates for companies in the interior decoration sector;
  • In Japan and South Korea, for gift items companies;
  • In Dubai for a group of tapestry makers from Aubusson.

Now, Limoges Chamber of Commerce and Industry is implementing EXPORT FOOD SUDOE project, strengthening the partnership between transnational companies in the South-Western European territory including France, Spain and Portugal.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gers

The Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, founded in 1900, is a public institution under French law located in the Occitania region. Its main missions are:

  • To improve the economic and territorial development of the Gers province, which is one of the most rural departments of France.

  • To promote local economic activities

  • To represent and animate a network of 7500 SMEs located in the department of Gers respecting their commercial, industrial, public and service activities.

The Gers CCI is certified ISO 9001 by the AFNOR certification for all its activities and it has a certificate of recognition “EFQM Excellence, 5 stars” (European Foundation for Quality Management).

One of the main missions of the Gers CCI is to assist local companies in their international activities. The Gers CCI has a dedicated service with specific expertise in export. In particular, it delivers the following services:

  • Completion of formalities related to export operations
  • Export pre-audit in order to evaluate the company’s abilities to develop internationally and the opportunity of such an approach
  • Export Business Plan aimed at structuring the international development strategy of the company
  • Identification and funding raising needed for international business development
  • Regulatory, legal, technical advice for export
  • Animation of the “Export Club” made up of exporting companies, aiming at the exchange of experience and good practices.

Agrofood is a predominant sector in the economy of the rural province of Gers. Several companies already export their products abroad but they are very interested in conquering new markets in collaboration with other French or foreign companies. This objective can be achieved through the Export Food Sudoe project, which will offer them the opportunity to learn and develop interesting and sustainable partnerships with companies from other regions. This collaborative project will also be the opportunity to raise awareness, inform and train companies that do not carry out any activities at international level, by offering them new ways of development, notably through entrepreneurial meetings.

The CCI du Gers has rich experience in coordination and management of European cooperation projects since over 15 years.

More information about the Gers CCI is available on its website (

Research Association of Meat Industries of the Asturias Region

Who we are?

ASINCAR is a Spanish agro-food cluster (awarded with Bronze label) formed by more than 80 members (>95% SMEs) coming from all the value chain. Its facilities are located in Noreña (Asturias, North-West Spain) and currently counts with 22 multidisciplinar professionals (95% with university degree). Moreover, currently Asincar has more than 350 clients belonging to multiple food markets (meat, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables, ready meals, canned food, gourmet line, ..).

The main mission of Asincar is to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of agro-food companies and their adaptation to future market scenarios through innovation, cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer as well as support for access to new markets. Apart from the cluster role, Asincar has two additional ones: it is also a food industrial association (origins), protecting and defending the companies rights, as well as a technology center, promoting research and innovation initiatives.


Which services ASINCAR provides?

ASINCAR provides the following services:

  • Cluster activity
  • Innovation projects
  • Technical and technological assistance, legal advice
  • Vocational training (employers and unemployers) and dissemination
  • Laboratory for food safety and quality control (certified by national authority)

Its main cluster activity axes are:

  • Keeping an active and update technological tender watch
  • Fostering research and innovation activities in the agro-food sector. Dynamization of cooperation activities between members and external bodies
  • Supporting for internationalization of agro-food SMEs
  • Cross-pollination with interrelated areas/clusters: ICT (Industry 4.0), advance manufacturing (Factories of the Future), sustainability (Energy Efficiency), health (healthy and functional foods and ingredients), sustainable consumption and consumer lifestyle/trends

Asincar is nowadays full partner of several EU cluster strategical partnerships (ESCP-4i) as EU4FOOD and AdPack. Moreover, it is partner of the Bioeconomy pilot in the Vanguard Initiative for Smart Specialisation. Moreover, it is member of the technological platform Food for Life and participates in several working groups with national and regional public administrations.

Regional Development Agency of Vale do Ave

Created in 1998 and recognized by the Portuguese government as a Regional Development Agency, ADRAVE is situated in the north of Portugal. Its scope of intervention is the territory of Vale do Ave, with over 450 000 inhabitants and a strong industrial base.

ADRAVE was created on the September 15th, 1998, as a platform for cooperation between public and private sectors, for the development of the territory. Since its foundation, ADRAVE has been reinforcing its skills and social recognition as an important regional development institution, acting in the social and economic fields.

ADRAVE has a team with multidisciplinary technical skills and extensive professional experience, complemented by an extensive network of regional partners and consultants in its various knowledge areas.

ADRAVE has a great experience in working within cooperation networking, in collaborating with regional, national and international partners, and with SMEs in the field of qualification and internationalization of businesses.

Today, as yesterday, ADRAVE is a reference organization, because it is a consolidated structure in the promotion of regional development based on the commitment between competitiveness and social cohesion on the territory. Today, as yesterday, ADRAVE contributes to the creation of confidence in the future.

ADRAVE is assumed as the main facilitator of the effective cooperation between the public and private sectors, actively involving all municipalities, Universities, Innovation and Technology Centres, the Business Associations and Companies. Three essentially target groups of services offered by ADRAVE are: companies, institutions and municipalities, and citizens.

More information about ADRAVE is available on the website of the agency (