Commercial trade missions

2018 was a very busy year in organizing trade missions for the companies involved in the Export Food Sudoe project. In fact, about thirty companies had the chance to participate in one of five business missions that took place in Ireland, England, Belgium or Sweden. During these missions, the companies had the opportunity to meet buyers, visit local sale points to better understand the structure of the national market (supermarkets, specialized organic networks, markets, delicatessens, gourmet shops, etc.). Thus, the participating companies were able to ask questions and understand the functioning of other European markets to better position their products at international level. A last commercial prospecting mission is planned in February 2019 in Germany, more information will be communicated to the project companies in the near future. Marketplace is an e-commerce site set up by the company Neoalgae located in Asturias in Spain. The company is now more aware than ever of how products are made, the impact of products on their bodies or the origin of products and raw materials. In this context, the terms healthy, functional and sustainable production, vegan, superfood, among others, are becoming popular and fashionable. was launched to take advantage of this new opportunity and generate sufficient supply to meet this growing demand. It is an e-commerce of healthy products and any other element that promotes a healthy lifestyle and well-being. The motto is the company: #BEGREENFEELGREEN. This concerns cosmetics, food, animal feed, sustainable clothing …. Currently, 17 brands are associated in this movement and more than 120 products are available. In addition, a privileged electronic targeting has been achieved during marketing campaigns: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Influencers, Inbound campaigns, etc. Some relevant figures:

– In just 4 months, more than 300 products have been sold by Amazon and the product “Alcohol-free Spirulina Capsules” is recommended by Amazon.

– A turnover of 1.49%, higher than the Spanish average, was reached from the beginning

In the frame of the Export Food Sudoe project, Neoalgae is offering other companies registered to the project to join and thus develop new business opportunities through this distribution channel.

SIRHA – Lyon – France

The hotel and restaurant trade fair SIRHA welcomes participating companies to the Export Food project from January 26 to 30 in Lyon. In this show, there are animations and competitions, space by SIRHA, expert advice center, SIRAH world kitchen summit, SIRHA network, etc.

This event aims to bring together manufacturers and distributors of all sizes and from all over the world for Food Service professionals. SIRHA hosts 21 competitions for all trades, and 5 scenes of animations. SIRHA is 2984 exhibitors and brands, 207 930 professionals, 29 778 international visitors, 1650 demonstrations / day.

Finally, Export Food Sudoe presented itself at this show with the joint participation of 2 companies: Fine Food of France and the Cultivada.

BIOFACH – Nuremberg – Germany

 The BIOFACH event is the most important and the largest organic food fair in the world, will take place in Nuremberg, Germany from February 13th to 16th. Companies from all over the world will be attending this event. On the menu nearly 3,000 exhibiting producers grouped by country or sector of activity.

BIOFACH will be a good opportunity for participating companies to meet interesting people and discover new markets, discuss fashions and developments in the organic food sectors, seize business opportunities. BIOFACH enables 91% of exhibitors to reach their target consumers and establish new profitable business relationships for them during these few days.

A delegation of 13 Export Food Sudoe project companies will be present at the show. These are French, Spanish and Portuguese companies that produce organic foods or who want to embark on a new organic range. A group visit of the show is scheduled for February 14, 15 and 16.